Newton is deeply passionate about outreach within our community.  We find it critical to provide opportunities for local youth in Engineering and Design. We are currently sponsoring three different engineering teams: University of Maryland’s Hyperloop Team known as “UMD Loop” as well as Blue Chariots of Fire, and The Irrational Engineers,  First Tech Challenge robotics teams.

The UMD Loop team is comprised of over 70 students ranging across multiple disciplines from engineering and physics to communications and graphic design. They are working to make Elon Musk’s concept of a Hyperloop a reality. In 2015 SpaceX created the Hyperloop Pod Competition in order to “accelerate the development of functional prototypes and encourage student innovation.”  This competition challenges University teams to design and build the best transport pod.

In January 2017, UMD Loop traveled to California for SpaceX’s first Hyperloop design competition in the world. During this competition, teams were judged on their ability to pass a series of design, safety, structural, and functional tests. The team placed in the top ten and qualified to do a vacuum run on SpaceX’s track. They won the “Performance and Operations Award” and placed among the top 5 teams in design in the world. In August 2017, they returned to California and were one of only 6 teams chosen to complete an open air run on SpaceX’s mile long test track.

Newton intern, Maria Amaro, is a member of the 2017-2018 team. Currently the UMD Loop team is preparing for their 3rd competition in Summer 2018, and we are excited to see their progress in having their Hyperloop pod reach maximum speed with deceleration.

The FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) is a high school robotics program, and FIRST is recognized as “the leading, not-for-profit STEM engagement program for kids worldwide.” The Blue Chariots of Fire and Irrational Engineers learn computer programming, and Computer Assisted Design (CAD) while competing against other teams at the local, regional, and national level. Beyond being simply a robotics competition, FTC encourages cooperation, sharing ideas, and treating others with respect and dignity.

The Chariots of Fire were formed in 2012, and over the years they have achieved many awards from placing in the Maryland State Competition, and even making it to super regionals, and to the world competition.

The Irrational Engineers are made up of students from many different backgrounds, ethnicities, and communities. They enjoy year-round participation in community service projects and outreach whether it is demonstrating their robot for other groups, or serving meals to veterans.

Newton is looking forward to tracking all of the teams’ accomplishments in the 2017-2018 season.