At Newton we strive to infuse cutting edge technology into our projects to ensure the most accurate results. As new projects arise, we have acquired a new CNC machine, Laguna’s SmartShop® II. This machine has allowed our engineers a more advanced method of component creation. With its features of a cut speed of 1000ipm, and a 1,600in/min rapid travel speed, it has naturally accelerated progress on many projects. The CNC machine uses several motors to control the machines axes to ensure the correct linear or rotary movements. The Computer Numerical Control machine takes computerized data into the CAM (Computer Aided Machining) program which is used to control and automate the movement of the machine.

We are excited to continue to provide our customers with vital parts that are created and machined in-house, and we look forward to expanding our manufacturing capabilities in the future in our new home in the Discovery District.