Assembly, Integration & TestingNewton’s engineers are multidisciplinary and have hands-on experience, working side by side with our certified mechanical and electrical technicians to assemble hardware and integrate subsystems. We use only the finest tools for assembling mechanical and electrical hardware ranging from precision electro-mechanical and opto-mechanical instruments to large spacecraft bus structures. Our facilities include 400 SQ FT of clean assembly space, with ESD-protected work areas and the ability to maintain up to Class-100 cleanroom cleanliness level. As your hardware is being assembled, our Analysis Engineers and Test Engineers are “getting geared” to test your products in their intended environment.

Our Test and Analysis Engineers work with local facilities to perform critical environmental testing of system-level and subsystem-level hardware. Our breadth of testing services include acoustic testing, vibration testing, shock testing, mass properties testing, and other environmental tests such as thermal vacuum testing – even down to cryogenic temperatures. Newton engineers develop the test plan, procedures and run tests working side by side with our customers or acting as their designated lead test engineers. As your product wraps up testing, our PMP-certified project managers work with you to “get geared” for delivery of your hardware.