Newton’s employees are degreed professionals with a keen eye to understand and meet even your most demanding requirements. Our multidisciplinary engineers work in small, agile project teams to deliver reliable engineering solutions and products. Many of our engineers, including senior staff, have over a decade of individual experience leading the development of products starting with conceptual design, performing detail design and analysis iterations, and following the hardware through assembly, integration, and test (AIT). Our approach to maintaining small, efficient teams improves performance, reduces costs, while also simplifying communication with every customer.

Clear and consistent communication is a critical element to successful product development. Equally important is the ability to understand and interpret customer requirements. Newton’s Systems Engineers translate your system-level requirements into meaningful discipline-specific requirements. Our design and analysis engineers take these requirements and develop product concepts that meet, and in many cases exceed, your needs. We utilize state-of-the-art computer aided design, analysis and simulation tools to refine concept designs into reliable, engineered products. Software we utilize includes SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER, Femap with Nx NASTRAN, COMSOL, Matlab, and MathCAD. Once the final product design is developed, our engineers support manufacturing and prepare for the next phase of development – assembly, integration, and testing (AIT).

Our design engineers work closely with Newton’s certified technicians to assemble components, integrate subsystems, and test your products before delivery. Every product is tested in accordance with your requirements, ensuring the product reliably functions under all possible operating conditions. The result of our engineering team’s efforts are product designs that bring your ideas, thoughts, and dreams to reality.

Newton provides reliable engineering solutions to every phase of the product development cycle. Our reputation for delivering reliable products on time and within budget has been demonstrated time and time again in our work with client such as NASA, SGT, and H&S Resources Corporation. Each of our customers has the ability to pick and choose which of Newton’s services best fit their needs. In addition to our product development services, we have developed a strong reputation for providing reliable, discipline-specific engineering services to our federal government customers. We offer competitive pricing and expertise in mechanical, electro-mechanical, opto-mechanical, and systems engineering.